A Better Cloud Desktop Community Project

Welcome to the Desktop Anywhere Community (DAC) area for Users  of the new Free Cloud Desktop ver 3.13.

The Brand New 3.13 is available for 2017!

Keep reading for more, but here are some of the top items are already included in the new version:

  • Admin Sudo Rights
  • Better Performance
  • More optional Software

Here are the major items that we could still use some help with:

  • System Sounds work but others do not
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Additional Access Methods and Clients
  • Local Printer Access
  • Flash on Chromium
  • Recovery of Password

And a couple of other things we need to do on our side

  • document changing user name in optimal way
  • video of setup

If you have any ideas, suggestions or have figured the above out, please Contact Us or use this post to contribute!

If you have a previous version, request an Upgrade by clicking this link or if you don’t have one yet? Click the link below to Sign Up now:

Your Free Cloud Desktop is Here Now

This is clearly “Our Best Free Cloud Desktop Ever”. It is said to be”ten times better and twice as easy”. It is more powerful, has much-improved software, and, as the community requested loud and clear, with Admin rights!




Still included will be:

  • Your Personal Cloud Desktop on practically any  PC, Android, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Linux device (yours or not)
  • Customize your Free Cloud Desktop Experience with the Free Software you want from the Ubuntu Software Center
  • Super Simple Access with your own personalized, easy to remember Web Address (you.DesktopAnywhere.com)

From this page we encourage you to:

  • Share your best Updates and Uses
  • Suggest Ideas
  • Ask Questions

This page marks the spot of the community engagement. We will expand the community as interest in it dictates. For now, you can comment on this page or send your suggestions/questions to help@desktopanywhere.com.

With the community engaging and offering support for this specific product, you can  expect to get the help you need. And, the community will help build even better versions you can benefit from in the near future as they did this one. We want to help users make the most of their Free Cloud Desktop experience and will follow your lead. Thanks for all the years of support.

So, read, engage and give us your ideas about how we could make the Free Cloud Desktop even better. You can help us! More content on this page very soon!

Popular Community Suggestions already documented:

  1. Cloud Storage example with Dropbox Installation from the Ubuntu Software Center (USC)
  2. Install a great Graphics editor – Install GIMP from the USC, just search for GIMP, click install, enter password, and GIMP will be installed under the Applications/Graphics Menu


Your Free Cloud Desktop is Here Now

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You can Register Here. We will provide you with the newest version of the Free Cloud Desktop and instructions on how to access and personalize and make it yours.

To Comment:

  • Make sure you are signed up and logged in at my.DesktopAnywhere.com
  • Read through the Community Content for great ideas on how to improve your Free Cloud Desktop
  • Post ideas, questions and any suggestions you have for the desktop and this forum

We simply ask that you be a little open minded, respectful and on topic.

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36 Responses to “A Better Cloud Desktop Community Project”
  1. tchen says:

    Hi where do I find my ec2 to enter in the Cloud Desktop Address field?

    • admin says:

      The EC2 Address won’t be available until you have spun up the AMI after adding your AWS Account Number to your User Profile. Although usually less, it can sometimes take a few hours to get your instructions after you enter the AWS Number if you catch me nappin’.

  2. admin says:

    Welcome to the New Version 3.13 Free Cloud Desktop discussion page.

    As requested so much for understandable reasons, the 3.13 new version of the Free Cloud Desktop has sudo access to give the user full admin control. Enjoy!

    For those that find something interesting to do or want to explore questions, just join the discussion with a comment below and we’ll all try to help each other make the best Free Cloud Desktop ever even better!

    Some comments below still apply to the new version and are marked with UPDATED RESPONSE 9/6/16: where appropriate.

  3. brickbat21 says:

    Really want to check out the new Android access!!! Please share the new ami with me.

  4. hjonesey says:

    Want to get started – ship me the new ver 3.13 of the Free Cloud Desktop! The last one was great. This one sounds Awesome!

  5. rerosku says:

    Hello, I registered this morning and set up everything but I didn’t receive an email with the instructions to connect yet.

  6. happytvshows says:

    Hi DA,

    I’m following the setup guide from AWS EC2 Management Console Dashboard but I can’t find the desktop. ”

    Can you help me? Thanks

  7. breakbad says:

    which cloud desktop version should i use?

  8. XsaviXan says:

    Hello, I LOVE using your Free Cloud Desktop, but I would really like the admin rights, I would like to request the version of Desktop Anywhere with admin rights please? Can you send the instructions to my email please? Because I would really like to have admin rights!

  9. bsmith69 says:

    What is the best access method to the free virtual desktop?

    • admin says:

      UPDATED RESPONSE 9/6/16: We took out the java in 3.13 and primarily use the various RDP type clients. Admin access in 3.13 means you can add what you like to stay connected with your Free Cloud Desktop.

  10. u1 says:

    Is the new version available yet?

  11. Lotsem says:

    Yes I would like the new version that runs on Android. I am interested to have access to Community Free Cloud Desktop project and help take it to the next level.

    • admin says:

      Excellent. Glad to have you aboard and yes, not the Free Cloud Desktop runs on Android, Apple, Microsoft and Linux. You should have all you need in your inbox to get started.

      Mainly we are trying to find a way for the DAC to power its own cloud (DAAS) with a free engine other than AWS Free Tier. AWS is great, but the community thinks their should be a better way.


  12. garycarlyle says:

    I love the concept of this. Is there a way to use it with another cloud instead of amazon? Please. Such as Rackspace for example? I need servers with a UK IP for my clients.

  13. mhomna says:

    Set up a new AWS account to run this one

    • admin says:

      Many need more than one AWS Account. Each account per email address. We have to use them for testing for sure and certainly a personal account as well as the business ones.

  14. mtork says:

    What other kind of web access do you offer besides NX and Web Companion? Any others planned?

    • admin says:

      UPDATED RESPONSE 9/6/16: As RDP seems ubiquitous and we have added sudo access to the 3.13 version, we use that for access. We are looking for other additions and certainly a user can add SSH back. We hope to have that documented soon.

      We could use some help on others. Any ideas welcome for new additions.

  15. mylinux says:

    Hey guys, how can I get the full admin rights version? Which email address can I email you?

  16. rzolano says:

    Can we run in a different region from uswest? All my other stuff is elsewhere.

    • admin says:

      That is what the source AMI we use requires. There are other AMIs here if you know how to work from scratch:

      ec2 ubuntu image locater

      If there is more interest in bringing up a region from scratch we can try to address it. It seems most want to work from the common AMI that we provide that that stuff is prefixed.

  17. petewats says:


    I like my Desktopanywhere, but its fastly become a closed apple style world, it doesn’t have the full freedom of linux that I know;

    I.e apache is installed but I carnt place files in the www root folder, also I can not install none automatic updates e.g java ?

    Can you advise how I can get su or sudo to my desktop ?


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