New Free Linux Cloud Desktop

Our Number 1 Ranked Linux Free Cloud Desktop is AVAILABLE NOW!  The users LOVE IT! You can sign up now and try the existing version and then upgrade to the new version very soon. Sign up here: To register or request an upgrade from an older version: Click Here to Register Now! or Request version 3.13 Desktop Anywhere Cloud Desktop […]

The New Version of the Free Cloud Desktop Now Available.

That’s right. It’s finally here. The new version of the Free Cloud Desktop from is available now. It has so many new features including… wait for it… sudo access. To register or request an upgrade from an older version: Click Here to Register Now! or Request version 3.13 Desktop Anywhere Cloud Desktop Upgrade Here  To learn […]

Desktop Anywhere®

Get a Free Virtual Desktop! Cloud Computing Services, Products, Tools, Tips, Links and more. Desktop Anywhere is the home of the Free Cloud Desktop for personal use as well as the best in Cloud Services for Business.

A Better Cloud Desktop Community Project

Welcome to the Desktop Anywhere Community (DAC) area for Users  of the new Free Cloud Desktop ver 3.13. The Brand New 3.13 is available for 2017! Keep reading for more, but here are some of the top items are already included in the new version: Admin Sudo Rights Better Performance More optional Software Here are the major […]

Global Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Market 2017-2021

According to the research below, Cloud Desktops (aka Virtual Desktops) are pretty cool and on the rise. Sounds expensive!  Or, you could get a Cloud Desktop right now for Free right here. A Virtual Server with Multi-User capability more your speed – see Free Cloud Server.

Linux Cloud Desktop

Linux is a favorite Desktop of techies worldwide. Many are afraid of Linux and non-Apple/Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems for a variety of good reasons. However, those reasons are no longer what they were. First of all, most Linux Desktops can be installed for Free and often on existing hardware as a dual boot or an unused […]

Cloud Desktop

The Cloud Desktop is a great tool to add to your toolset. There are many ways to do it and use it. The Free Cloud Desktop is a great way to get started: EC2 Amazon is very well suited for Cloud Desktops. There are many different flavors and types for this kind of virtualization and […]

Keeping your Cloud Desktop Secure

Your Free Cloud Desktop is built on Linux Ubuntu. The Security Updates are checked for automatically and when you do certain actions such as log off, manually check security updates, etc., you will sometimes be prompted to restart from inside the instance to finish updating. It is a good idea to restart the instance from […]

Virtual Desktops – The New Batteground

Are Virtual Desktops the New Battleground for Cloud Providers? Many think so. Amazon Web Services drove the next incarnation of converts to Cloud Desktops.  Easy to see why. Find out for yourself for Free. Get your Free Cloud Desktop using Amazon Web Services here. or past this link in your browser:    

New Version of Skype

The old version of Skype that worked with the Free Cloud Desktop will no longer work. Not sure if the 4.3 version can be installed, much less if it works yet. Anyone has any tips, let us know.

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