Free Cloud

Free Cloud is a term that is trending up. While there are many “Free Cloud” services, most are not really Free. You are selling your data, paying through advertising or with limits. There likely are some Free Cloud thing out there, but mostly it is a new business model. You can use the Brand New […]

New Version. Great New Features!

Big News! Simplify the World Through Universal Access Our New and Very Much Improved Free Cloud Desktop Available Now! We Just Released Free Cloud Desktop 3.13 with Admin Rights. Take the Tour!

Cyberloafing – Your IT Department is Watching You

As much as work slips into our personal lives more and more these days, most of the work day in many places has been spent on things that are more social than work related for a long time. While it is not a good to waste all your time at work cyberloafing, if you are […]

Microsoft to the Cloud latest Misstep of All Time?

We would love to show you how to your Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 7 licenses to build and maintain a Free Cloud Desktop. It is really easy to do, but it doesn’t seem that they want to let you. You paid for the license, right? The question is, can you use […]

Cloud vs. Virtual

Terms drive the market and the web. The Social Meme of Cloud came straight out of a meeting slide deck in the 80’s.  Anything us system types didn’t want to talk about regarding the system was “in the cloud” and it gave us an out from discussing such foreign concepts as Web, Wan, etc. at […]

Free Desktop

A Free Desktop is waiting for you right here at Desktop Anywhere. Not only do we have a Free Desktop ready for you, we have two! That’s right, you can get a Free Desktop for use with any browser, an Admin ready version to have your way with, or, you can have both. That’s right […]

Desktop in the Cloud

Desktop in the Cloud is a term is still not understood by most. Without getting into neuroscience experiments of the familiar vs. the foreign, we think one’s own experience teaches us better than anything. And to help people get that, we created a Free Cloud Desktop you can get today. People have found some clever […]


AWS AWS – we just can’t say enough about the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform. Our Free Cloud Desktop is powered by AWS using User Accounts. That means we have to share with a LOT of AWS Account Numbers. This must be kind of atypical as we found a limitation in the number of accounts […]

Free Cloud

We recently released our Free Cloud Desktop to the General Public. All you really need to get your own is a few minutes and to click on the link below. We had a lot of signups and a lot of people are happily using the Free Cloud Desktop. We did get some great feedback and […]

Your First Free Cloud Desktop

Yes, the wait is finally over!  The Free Cloud Desktop is here and you can get one now. Learn More about the Free Cloud Desktop Benefits Haven’t signed up yet for our Newsletter yet? You can do that right now by entering your email address in the eNews & Updates “Enter your email address…” field […]

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