Virtual Desktops (Cloud Desktops) Are Here To Stay

With all the Cloud talk out there these last couple of years, there has been a lot of talk about Virtual Desktops too. And clearly, a lot of what is going on in the market is about vendors making money, not clients saving it. Arthur Cole’s recent article, referenced at the end of this post, […]

AWS Gets Another Terrific Endorsement

We at Desktop Anywhere love Amazon Web Services (AWS). This love may be like Netflix and Google that we sometimes love and sometimes don’t. This may be like Microsoft that we used to love but remain a little more than bitter. Or, who knows, it may be a long lasting love like the love of […]

Just Added Twitter Integration to Free Cloud Desktop Page

We are definitely looking for input as to how to make our Free Cloud Desktop better. We just added a Tweet Button like this: Share a Tweet about this? Tweet So, if you have some input or comments, tweet away. Thanks, Desktop Anywhere

Is Cloud Computing Good for the Economy?

For a lot of companies, the answer is yes. Clearly the Cloud will eventually help reduce staffing and costs and that is good for businesses through consumers. The Cloud should be a job killer in the long run in some aspects, but that is what we do as a people. We keep deploying automation via […]

Cloud Computing is Close Enough For Government Work

Sounds like the United States government is moving to shutter 800 data centers and move further into the cloud. And AWS is the new solution to help fill gaps. Amazon introduced the AWS GovCloud at the NASA IT Summit in San Francisco recently. This solution is specially designed for U.S. government agencies and contractors for […]

Software and the Cloud

Interesting take on the current state of things from MARC ANDREESSEN Marc Andreessen in the Wall Street Journal. With big market shifts going on today as in the Cloud Market, depth perception can be really helpful in determining the strategic levers to pull on. Check out the article: Why Software Is Eating The World  

Good Cloud – Bad Cloud

Now that the Cloud is one of the things in tech we hear more and more how the Cloud is bad based on a bad experience. It is tricky out there. A lot of companies and people want your money. The Mad Dash to not be left behind often makes people make bad decisions.  The Cloud […]

Microsoft Mobility and Amazon Web Services

Here is a page we ran across regarding Microsoft Mobility and AWS. AWS is NOT Microsoft specific, not is it the only way to go. But, this is an example of how The Cloud is changing things for even Microsoft. Good news for everyone. Here is the link: Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance for […]

Managing Mobile Workers

Desktop Anywhere Cloud Solutions are changing with the Digital Times. Management is clinging to a past work practices in addition to traditional technologies. That just won’t work well anymore.  Here is an article from IDG Enterprise that describes the opportunities and challenges very well. Being able to watch over someone at their workstation everyday is […]

What’s Good for the Cloud…

Many of us have always been a bit baffled that the embrace of “the network is the computer”, server based computing and other web services is taking so long to gain acceptance. Especially given the size of the technology shift it will soon be. The way the “Cloud” change is coming about is even more […]

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