Free Cloud Desktop

We are very excited about our newest Free Cloud Desktop public release that is available now. We have made it very cool and easy to setup. You can now have and run your own Free Cloud Desktop (or Free Virtual Desktop – however you like to think about it). Learn More    

Bring Your Own

Sure, we carry cell phones everywhere we go now. And sure, sometimes a laptop is necessary. This article talks about the trend being to get more devices in the mix. And, yes, Corporate IT does need to flex in some way to allow people to connect their way to their stuff to be productive and […]

Trends in IT 2011

This is a great article from Gartner. They call it Trends in IT 2012, but let’s face it, the Cloud Computing Revolution is full on already. The Cloud Computing items listed on this 2012 list could have been Trends in IT 2010 as far as we’re concerned! The good news for business owners is when […]

Free Virtual Desktop Software

One of the cool things about Open Source Software and our grand current notion about a Desktop Anywhere Free Virtual Desktop is its impact on the world at large. Or, frankly, just Cloud Desktops in general and all the free stuff out there today. We love entrepreneurship and often the individual entrepreneurs themselves and their […]

Free Virtual Cloud Desktop Article on EzineArticles

The era of the Free Virtual Desktop is here. You know by looking at the age of our domain and our track record that Desktop Anywhere has seen this day coming for a long time. Some call it Cloud Desktop and some call it Virtual Desktop, we have called it Desktop Anywhere since 2001, and […]

The Battle for your Desktop

Market wars are often good news. The Cloud, as with most disruptive technologies, changes start happening in the fringe and creep into the center of things like weeds moving to take over your lawn. In the case of Cloud Sourcing this is a great thing. The x86 style homogenized computing cloud services are cheaper, faster, […]

Web Enabled Free Cloud Desktop

As many of you know, we have been working hard at getting the Free Cloud Desktop architecture we recently developed  fully web enabled. While it took a bit of time and we still have to refine, it really works well. We have quite a bit of testing to do and are currently improving things by […]

Personal Technology at Work

It is good to see that workers are getting more latitude with technology.  Using a single personal choice solution makes people feel better about their workplace, makes things more convenient and more effective. For years IT and other departments support role has included dictating to employees what they had to use for technology.  This not […]

Problems on the Internet?

Cloud computing is Disruptive Technology. Usually Disruptive Technology, like say the Sony Walkman, the precursor to the iPod sensation for those too young to remember, goes where the traditional technology is not competing. The Walkman was portable entertainment for cheap. The Walkman was not near as good as your average home stereo or maybe car […]