AWS AWS – we just can’t say enough about the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform. Our Free Cloud Desktop is powered by AWS using User Accounts.

That means we have to share with a LOT of AWS Account Numbers. This must be kind of atypical as we found a limitation in the number of accounts we could share with very early.

We tried the AWS Forum first with a post and got a little traction but maybe got a little impatient.  There is a way to have them call you and you can try the phone support. Use the Phone Support link under Customer Service and follow the prompts for them to call you and the select the AWS support option. You will have to log in to your account to do this.

This contact phone is listed, not under technical support, which tries to sell you on Premium Support, but does have an option for AWS. We don’t have premium support at this time but still managed to log an issue, get a work around and today, I saw the fix.

I actually think we will stick with the forum longer next time. The @AWS IDs are real Amazon folks and seem to get around to it.

Now clearly, Amazon could improve their service, but they do have Premium Support available which we can use should we need to. While it would be great if it was easier to get to help, both the forum and the support worked out in the end and we are happy with that.

AWS – AWS is not perfect, but better than anything else like it. And, stunningly better than the world before it.

Want a quick glance at how it works?

 Click Here for your own Free Cloud Desktop powered by AWS – Amazon Web Services

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