AWS Gets Another Terrific Endorsement

We at Desktop Anywhere love Amazon Web Services (AWS). This love may be like Netflix and Google that we sometimes love and sometimes don’t. This may be like Microsoft that we used to love but remain a little more than bitter. Or, who knows, it may be a long lasting love like the love of the Internet at large. We don’t know what will come, but it is hard to beat AWS now.

Not that it is perfect mind you. We still get dinged on small charges we don’t quite get sometimes. And it is often a surprise, but there is nothing like AWS and one could always monitor on a daily basis or find the right method.

And today AWS gets another endorsement most of us would like to have, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth’s . Here is the article in the Huffington Post

Canonical Founder Endorses Amazon Web Services APIs As Standard Cloud API


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