My First Cloud Desktop

Every get hold of a technology and once you had it, you never wanted to let go? That’s how it was with my first Windows 2000 Server Corporate Desktop using the old Terminal Services before the Citrix and Microsoft split as partners. Granted, it was a bit limited. But what it lacked in glamor it made up as a workhorse.

I worked almost always at client sites. Because of that I had to carry a laptop and was constantly finding I didn’t always have what I needed. Plus, I was always working on more than one machine at time. And, when I went somewhere, I was out of capability and information and that was extremely painful at times. Driving 30 miles in traffic to get a file or access is enough to ruin a perfectly good day off! And it did, many times.

Then we switched to our first incarnation of Desktop Anywhere. Just a funny way of installing the server and then having a web based client available made a powerful difference. I would never go back and always expect more.

Granted Cloud Based Desktops have changed quite a bit. That’s the best part. A great tool just keeps getting better and cheaper. Now, I am running Ubuntu with Gnome. There are a lot of options and perhaps some folks still need Windows or Macs, but I use those two. I just use the Ubuntu/Gnome Cloud Desktop more and more.

Technology can be funny. Things like Cloud Desktops and Cloud Computing in general seem to take so long even though they make so much sense. People resist for a while and then find they are left behind. I am just glad I learned my lesson early.

If you haven’t seen what Cloud Desktops are all about or you would like to see the Open Source Ubuntu Gnome version, I love to show it to people. Just send me an email at and we will find a time to show it to you.

To everyone else, welcome to the Cloud.

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