Bring Your Own

Sure, we carry cell phones everywhere we go now. And sure, sometimes a laptop is necessary.

This article talks about the trend being to get more devices in the mix. And, yes, Corporate IT does need to flex in some way to allow people to connect their way to their stuff to be productive and happy.

Most people are just simply too connected to their device and see that as their stuff. By moving their stuff to The Cloud in a connected and synced way makes devices secondary.

That is the trick. Making your files, data, bookmarks, contacts, email, etc. the primary focus and the devices secondary. The Cloud is slowly but surely going to supply simpler devices with what you need.

Meanwhile, vendors don’t like it and neither do folks like Market Watch. The simpler it gets, the less costly, the less advertising and less to talk about.

In any case, here is the post about an important trend, just not the most important trend.

The Bring Your Own Device Trend


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