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Our latest Free Cloud Desktop allows you to access to your own Cloud Desktop from PC, Mac, Android or Linux devices to access your own personal customized Cloud Desktop in the on just about any device.


Our newest Free Cloud Desktop is literally a free Computer loaded up with free Software. Just register now to get yours. And, not only is it free, it takes a minute to sign up and as about five minutes to launch and configure.

For many businesses, our free Cloud Desktop is just a taste of what this technology can also do for your business. Free makes it easy to finally find out precisely how Cloud Desktops could benefit your organization. If you’re a manager or on the IT team, imagine what potential you could demonstrate for your company.Get yours today and explore, the insight into what your business could do vs. what it is doing will be indisputable! Why shouldn’t you be the hero in your organization?


Our Latest Version 3.13 of the Free Cloud Desktop with full sudo access is available now. 

To register or request an upgrade from an older version:

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You can read more about the benefits of a Cloud Desktop but if you already know, just click the graphic below, and get your’s Free.

Your Free Cloud Desktop is Here Now


The Free Cloud Desktop includes:

  • Makes Cloud Desktop technology so easy, a child can do it (literally!)
  • Install whatever Free Software you want from the Ubuntu Software Center or command line.
  • Access your Free Cloud Desktop from almost any Windows, Apple, Android, Linux/Unix device
  • Secure login to your desktop using a variety of methods
  • Your own personal Sub-Domain ( to make access from any device a breeze

The Desktop Anywhere Free Cloud Desktop available in ever improving form for many years now. The newest version is in a different league. With sudo admin privileges, more power, better software and easier setup and access, it is “Twice as Easy and Ten Times Better”! By adding the most requested enhancements from existing users, better features and a better user experience we are confident you will love the new version.

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Some of the Most Liked Benefits:

  • Safe and Private Surfing (at work, home or any compatible device)
  • Access to Your Stuff Your Way, Anywhere on most Any Device
  • It’s a great way to get educated on using the Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Linux, etc.
  • It’s Free via the AWS Free Tier!

Desktop Anywhere

is a pioneer in Cloud Computing. Our latest offering, the free Cloud Desktop, is truly a remarkable concept and an indicator of where technology is going to ultimately be and how fast the pace is. Which raises the question, ” why would anyone want a Virtual Desktop to begin with?”

Well, the answer is a lot’s of reasons, and believe us, you want one.

It’s like a Browser and Cloud Storage on Steroids. Here is the new version (Available today!).

Cloud Desktop

Free Cloud Desktop


Click on the video image below for a quick tour of the Free Cloud Desktop (ok – the videos below give you the idea but are version 2.12 – the videos for 3.13 will be available soon).



The Free Cloud Desktop can be a deployed in a multi-user server model as well. Sign up below and then read about the Free Cloud Server model.


Here is a Flash version of the Video Tour of our Free Cloud Desktop:





Cloud Desktop – Video Tour

or to download it

Right Click on the link below and select “Save Link As“:

Cloud Desktop

Beautiful isn’t it? Just wait until you use one!

This is a nice clean image of our free Cloud Desktop:


Free Cloud Desktop version 3.13

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cloud desktop

Cloud Desktop

For most people, once they use “right fit” Cloud Services, they just don’t want to be without them. We just can’t imagine working with just a traditional desktop anymore. It is just nowhere near as productive as having a desktop in the cloud too!

One need not explain why the Free part is a good thing for most folks. The best way of learning about the concept of a Free Cloud Desktop is experiencing it for yourself. It’s just a bit like trying to explain what something tastes like to someone who has never had it. No description is going to be as good as the delight that comes from actually using it.

The Desktop Anywhere Review is in. Now you likely want to know, “how can I get one?” Desktop Anywhere currently regularly updates the Free Cloud Desktop and makes it available to anyone.  And, our free cloud desktop comes with LibreOffice (similar to OpenOffice) already installed along with a browser and many other software programs and related functionality.

The implications of such a Cloud Desktop that runs free of charge are significant. Who really knows where the Desktop itself will be in another five years? At Desktop Anywhere we have long searched for such a Free Desktop option and have finally found the secret sauce to put it together near perfection. And, this is not just some enhanced Web Page masquerading as a Desktop, it is a true Cloud Desktop in the strictest sense of the word. We really hope we will be able to further the effort to a point very soon where we will again extend user capabilities in this revolutionary category of computing.

We are pretty sure that once you have actually used Free Cloud Desktop Computing in your daily life, you will love it as much as we have. The great benefit of this approach is there is no server to hassle with, no Microsoft Terminal Services (TS) or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) license and issues. While the newest Free Cloud Desktop requires a local client on the devices you wish to access every major operating system seems to provide it and the most common have it pre-installed. What could be easier?

Will this be the Best Free Cloud Desktop (or Free Web Desktop if you prefer) you have ever seen? It may well be, but “Best” is a matter of opinion and we definitely want yours.

Warning! Once someone starts using it and sees how truly easy and powerful it is to use, they are hooked. So, take it for a test drive and tell us what you think of our newest Free Cloud-Based Desktop.

We sort of backed into this solution developing Cloud Solutions for a Personal Private Portal Corporate Cloud Desktop,  the standard Corporate Cloud Desktop, Cloud Storage and other typical Business Requirements. We hear that’s how disruptive innovation works much of the time. Perfect!

Linux is really a great Operating System to run a Cloud Desktop. It really is a great solution. It is a great benefit to not being solely tied to Mac OS or Windows Software. Practically the entire Internet is running on Linux. Here is a link with even more information on the particulars of a Linux Cloud Desktop.

So, if you need Cloud Computing Consulting or Cloud Services for any of the above business requirements or related solutions,  just give the Desktop Anywhere Free Cloud Desktop a try and see for yourself. You can get in touch with us via our Contact Us Page.

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A Desktop is a combination of an Operating Systems (OS) with some Application Programs running on it with some storage in the form of a Drive and with User Access commonly in the form of a monitor display, keyboard, and mouse. A Virtual Desktop is different in the sense that the Operating System and Programs and Storage are somewhere on the Internet or Network and work on any acceptable user device configuration.  A Free Cloud Desktop is a Virtual Desktop that is run for the network at no charge with, of course, some agreed to limitations in the terms of service. Amazon may be going to Space, but they ain’t crazy!

Desktop Cloud Computing, Cloud Desktop Services,  Personal Cloud Desktop, Remote Desktop Cloud, Cloud Desktop Management, Cloud Desktop Virtualization and Smart Business Desktop Cloud are all terms that center around the same Cloud Based Service Model. No matter which you choose a no machine required cloud desktop solution. While these are all flavors of the same thing, implementations differ a lot. So does the cost model.

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