New Free Linux Cloud Desktop

Our Number 1 Ranked Linux Free Cloud Desktop is AVAILABLE NOW!  The users LOVE IT! You can sign up now and try the existing version and then upgrade to the new version very soon. Sign up here: To register or request an upgrade from an older version: Click Here to Register Now! or Request version 3.13 Desktop Anywhere Cloud Desktop […]

Linux Cloud Desktop

Linux is a favorite Desktop of techies worldwide. Many are afraid of Linux and non-Apple/Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems for a variety of good reasons. However, those reasons are no longer what they were. First of all, most Linux Desktops can be installed for Free and often on existing hardware as a dual boot or an unused […]

Cloud Desktop

The Cloud Desktop is a great tool to add to your toolset. There are many ways to do it and use it. The Free Cloud Desktop is a great way to get started: EC2 Amazon is very well suited for Cloud Desktops. There are many different flavors and types for this kind of virtualization and […]

Keeping your Cloud Desktop Secure

Your Free Cloud Desktop is built on Linux Ubuntu. The Security Updates are checked for automatically and when you do certain actions such as log off, manually check security updates, etc., you will sometimes be prompted to restart from inside the instance to finish updating. It is a good idea to restart the instance from […]

New Version of Skype

The old version of Skype that worked with the Free Cloud Desktop will no longer work. Not sure if the 4.3 version can be installed, much less if it works yet. Anyone has any tips, let us know.

Free Cloud

Free Cloud is a term that is trending up. While there are many “Free Cloud” services, most are not really Free. You are selling your data, paying through advertising or with limits. There likely are some Free Cloud thing out there, but mostly it is a new business model. You can use the Brand New […]

Cloud vs. Virtual

Terms drive the market and the web. The Social Meme of Cloud came straight out of a meeting slide deck in the 80’s.  Anything us system types didn’t want to talk about regarding the system was “in the cloud” and it gave us an out from discussing such foreign concepts as Web, Wan, etc. at […]

Desktop in the Cloud

Desktop in the Cloud is a term is still not understood by most. Without getting into neuroscience experiments of the familiar vs. the foreign, we think one’s own experience teaches us better than anything. And to help people get that, we created a Free Cloud Desktop you can get today. People have found some clever […]


AWS AWS – we just can’t say enough about the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform. Our Free Cloud Desktop is powered by AWS using User Accounts. That means we have to share with a LOT of AWS Account Numbers. This must be kind of atypical as we found a limitation in the number of accounts […]

Free Cloud

We recently released our Free Cloud Desktop to the General Public. All you really need to get your own is a few minutes and to click on the link below. We had a lot of signups and a lot of people are happily using the Free Cloud Desktop. We did get some great feedback and […]

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