Just Added Twitter Integration to Free Cloud Desktop Page

We are definitely looking for input as to how to make our Free Cloud Desktop better. We just added a Tweet Button like this: Share a Tweet about this? Tweet So, if you have some input or comments, tweet away. Thanks, Desktop Anywhere

Software and the Cloud

Interesting take on the current state of things from MARC ANDREESSEN Marc Andreessen in the Wall Street Journal. With big market shifts going on today as in the Cloud Market, depth perception can be really helpful in determining the strategic levers to pull on. Check out the article: Why Software Is Eating The World  

Good Cloud – Bad Cloud

Now that the Cloud is one of the things in tech we hear more and more how the Cloud is bad based on a bad experience. It is tricky out there. A lot of companies and people want your money. The Mad Dash to not be left behind often makes people make bad decisions.  The Cloud […]

Managing Mobile Workers

Desktop Anywhere Cloud Solutions are changing with the Digital Times. Management is clinging to a past work practices in addition to traditional technologies. That just won’t work well anymore.  Here is an article from IDG Enterprise that describes the opportunities and challenges very well. Being able to watch over someone at their workstation everyday is […]

What’s Good for the Cloud…

Many of us have always been a bit baffled that the embrace of “the network is the computer”, server based computing and other web services is taking so long to gain acceptance. Especially given the size of the technology shift it will soon be. The way the “Cloud” change is coming about is even more […]

Thin Client Hardware

There is an article on Thin Client Hardware Vendors from Jeff Vance on Datamation. I can’t argue with his list, although I wish I could. Thin Client Devices are made for the cloud. Why do I like them? Because they are like most small appliances in the way that they are maintained. You don’t maintain […]

Four Reasons Why Cloud Computing is Efficient

There are a lot more than four reasons but clearly these four are very applicable to most situations. It is particularly interesting that the outliers in business are in a way pressing on the middle of the business market in Cloud Computing. Often the smallest  businesses are using a lot of the consumer grown services […]

Top Cloud Computing Benefits for Business

Why use Cloud Computing. Well, Desktop Anywhere has been delivering those answers with solutions for over 10 years now. The market is finally starting to realize how much benefit there is to cloud computing. Now, the stampede is on. While there are differing installations and opinions, there is also a lot of agreement. Here is […]

My First Cloud Desktop

Every get hold of a technology and once you had it, you never wanted to let go? That’s how it was with my first Windows 2000 Server Corporate Desktop using the old Terminal Services before the Citrix and Microsoft split as partners. Granted, it was a bit limited. But what it lacked in glamor it […]

Cloud Computing Security Introduction

The notion of the Cloud can be tricky for most people. Computing Security is a really complex area for almost anyone. When the governments and the Fortune 100 live in fear of security breaches (because they have already had them when there were well aware of the threats) what can the rest of us do? […]

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