Cloud Desktops

Why go to your desktop hardware when your desktop can come to you. Cloud Computing recently has provided a variety of improved ways to get your desktop resources for you or your corporation from the Cloud. Cloud computing, done right, can deliver a great variety of benefits. These benefits include:

  • Greater Access
  • Improved Security
  • Lower Costs
  • Flexibility
  • User Satisfaction

Want to have your own Cloud Desktop for Free? That’s right, you can get a Free Cloud Desktop today at no charge from Simply click on the image below. Signup takes just a minute!

Your Free Cloud Desktop is Here Now

We think this is the start of something pretty big in Cloud Services. We have found it to be a real great additional tool and are working hard on improving the interface to it. And, you can get get have more than one user sharing the same Cloud resources.

If you want a multi-user model Cloud Desktop Solution for your Company or Organization you can get that on the same model. You can either use Dropbox (included on the Free Cloud Desktop) to share files across user accounts or if you want to use a larger pay as you go instance on Amazon Web Services, we can provide you a multi-user managed instance.

Whatever your Cloud Desktop requirements are, Desktop Anywhere can help. Desktop Anywhere solutions provide all the Cloud Technology Solutions you need. From Open Source Desktops to Enterprise Microsoft installations, Desktop Anywhere can get you where you the services you need at a price that will delight you.

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