Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop is defined as a computer that you interact with that is “in the cloud”.  The bests way to understand a Cloud Desktop and how it can work for you is to try one for FREE. You can do simply by clicking on the Get Your Free Cloud Desktop Now! graphic on the right sidebar of this website. If you would like to take a quick video tour, just click on the Cloud Desktop graphic below.

Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop

So, technically, a Cloud Desktop can be thought of as the processing, storage and such is done within the cloud but being accessible locally using a keyboard, monitor and, depending on configuration and type, other devices such as multimedia and storage.

Cloud Desktops are very useful in a connected world. You used to have to go to the computer, now, your cloud desktop can come to you. Most conventional operating systems (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc.) are capable of having some sort of cloud desktop delivery and access.

The Internet brings the Cloud Desktop together into a use configuration accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection that allows for it. Here is how to setup a Free Cloud Desktop in minutes that is easy to try with Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) LTS  via Amazon Web Services:

Our Latest Version 3.13 of the Free Cloud Desktop with sudo access is available now. 

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There are a lot of Operating Systems out there and all of them can be delivered in some way “in the cloud”. Windows Cloud Desktops and Linux Cloud Desktops are the most common. Apple Cloud Desktops, depending on the device vintage, are accessible in a bit of a different way as Apple has a different proprietary model. But, you can definitely access a Linux or Windows Cloud Desktop from an Apple device with the right client software.

Cloud Desktops come in a variety of styles, configurations, and power.  Here are two of the most popular:

Windows Cloud Desktop

Linux Cloud Desktop

Remote Cloud Desktop

Virtual Desktop

For more information about the Cloud and how it came to be called that, click here:


Just click the graphic below to sign up now for your own Free Linux Cloud Desktop are more areas you might want to explore to learn more about Cloud Desktops and how they are used:


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