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Our Brand New Version 3.13 of the Free Linux Cloud Desktop is Now Available!


Linux Cloud Desktops are especially awesome as they can be used completely free and are just as powerful as any Operating System (OS) out there. That’s right, the operating system, application software and cloud service can be used completely free of charge. It is a great tool to add to your Internet Cloud Toolbox. And, has packaged our new version so setup is simple and easy using and you get a friendly GUI Window with sudo admin access. With the awesome power of Ubuntu Linux 16.04  and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Tier, setup is simple and easy So easy and Free! Here is a screen shot:


Linux Cloud Desktop Desktop Anywhere


Don’t be fooled by the simple and clean interface. There are so many free software packages that you can install via Mate Welcome and Ubuntu Software Center. From 3D modelling, a Full Office Suite (LibreOffice is pre-installed), graphics, tools, you name it. Its all deceptively right there in the bottom two icons on the desktop as shown above. You want more? Just click on the Mate Terminal and you are at the Command Prompt with Admin Rights!



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The above Free Linux Cloud Desktop, compliments of Desktop Anywhere, really shows how far Cloud Desktops have come. This is the easiest way for most people to use Linux to deliver Cloud Desktops.

Using AWS or other cloud based services, if you don’t want to use our desktop, you can spin up the brand of Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat, etc) that you prefer and not only deliver a Cloud Desktop for yourself, but even deliver multiple users Linux Cloud Desktops from the same server installation, though that usually requires a more powerful and not free engine.

Now, while Linux is free by nature, at some point your are going to exceed the limits of the AWS Free Tier. Then, you can pay as you go on AWS, run your own hardware or find a different vendor. In any case, once you see the power and ease of the Linux Cloud Desktop we offer, the savvy will see that even for the largest Enterprise Cloud implementations, the Cloud is, in general, often the way to go.

Linux Cloud Desktops have been around almost as long as Linux itself. Because of its architecture, Linux is a bit more natural for network based desktops than say Windows, although getting to a Desktop through the Network (aka Cloud) has been possible since almost the beginning of desktops. System Administrators saw to that for their own needs very early, and for other good reason as it was much more convenient and supportable.

Linux also comes in many, many flavors. So, you have choices there as well. Some of the most popular are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora, Mageia, Red Hat (Centos), SUSE Linux (OpenSUSE), archLinux, PCLinuxOS, Slackware, FreeBSD, etc. Most, if not all, can be delivered over the cloud a number of ways depending on your needs. Depending on where you start, there are a number of ways to access your desktop or server installation from a variety of Client Software, VPNS and native local network access.

So, if you like Linux, or just like great technology for free, check out the Desktop Anywhere Linux Cloud Desktop and see what a Linux Cloud Desktop can do for you. With than knowledge, you will have a much better idea or how a Linux Cloud Desktop can help you and/or your business, free or not.

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