Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop, also known as Cloud Desktop, is a great innovation whose time has finally come. The benefits of a desktop that orients to you, as opposed to a piece of hardware under your desk or under your arm, are substantial. Yet, most people and businesses still aren’t getting the benefits of a true Cloud Desktop. They will. People want things oriented to them and the desktop will be no different. See for yourself:

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Interestingly, as much of the market expects the demise of the desktop entirely, the more likely scenario seems to be multiple desktops working together. The Software as a Service crowd is partly right. “Things” will become components. By things we mean data, bookmarks, IDs, etc. By moving to a component structure, you can have a variety of desktops that work with your components as your needs dictate.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop


Virtual Desktops have been one of our favorite innovations for decades. And they are evolving fast. Just take a look at our Free Cloud Desktop offering and judge for yourself. Experiencing the Cloud in this way will make a believer out of you. And, that is just the beginning.

To that end, we are putting together a Free Cloud Desktop. You can read more about that on our Free Cloud Desktop page.

We will be bringing you much more about the Cloud Desktop concepts, alternatives, and benefits. Check back soon. We are just getting warmed up.