Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is a term that is used generically to describe what is often called a Virtual Desktop or Cloud Desktop.  Before you go down the wrong road, check out this single page that will show you how to add a Free Cloud Desktop to your Internet Toolbox.

The phrase Remote Desktop implies that you are logging in, not going to, the desktop. We think that over time everyone will realize that the desktop should be coming to you, you are not going to it for much anymore.

Take Remote Desktops in the single desktop model for instance. You have a single desktop and some kind of software/Internet connection to go to that desktop where your stuff is oriented, you guessed it, to your desktop. The Cloud, even though it is a little vague, is finally bringing perspective to where it should be, with you at the center of your personal universe.

People want to know a lot of different things about around the term Remote Desktop. Terms such as these come up quite a bit:

No matter what the question, the real underlying question surrounding Remote Desktop is not about a desktop at all. It is really about “How do I get to my Files, Bookmarks, Folders, favorites, MP3s, Videos, Documents, Spreadsheets and yes, even Remote Desktops.

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