Cyberloafing – Your IT Department is Watching You

As much as work slips into our personal lives more and more these days, most of the work day in many places has been spent on things that are more social than work related for a long time. While it is not a good to waste all your time at work cyberloafing, if you are living in today’s world, you need to keep connected to your personal life during the work day. At the least one needs to be available for those the depend on us at home.

Clearly  though network monitoring in the workplace is going to begin a new surge today. Not great news.

That doesn’t mean cyberloafing is a good thing:

Nor is having your personal activities and data exchanges snooped, recorded, documented and discussed by your IT staff and management.

While we do not condone cyberloafing, we do respect worker privacy. While most have a smart phone, there is a secure way to use the corporate network and devices and NOT have every keystroke monitored by some overlord network monitoring system. Some workers are smarter and use the 128 SSL encryped Free Cloud Desktop from Desktop Anywhere to keep their personal stuff at work private.

Some would argue that cyberloafing is more of a symptom than a cause and some that it depends, but if workplaces were more interesting people would be more interested. And some people should just be fired.




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