Desktop in the Cloud

Desktop in the Cloud is a term is still not understood by most. Without getting into neuroscience experiments of the familiar vs. the foreign, we think one’s own experience teaches us better than anything. And to help people get that, we created a Free Cloud Desktop you can get today.

People have found some clever uses for their Cloud Desktop, some as a main desktop but most with it as an added piece of technology to their existing products and services. We have heard from many of you and would like to hear more about how you are using yours. Just visit our Contact Us page and we will share the best ideas with the Desktop Anywhere Community (DAC).

In the meantime, we want to share a few of the best stories we found. Today we will share this one as it is our favorite by bringing old hardware back into effective use.

1) One of the DAC had a slow laptop and figured out (correctly) that the laptop CPU was slow, RAM was limited  and the Internet connection was moderate at best where he wanted to make use of the old laptop. He determined that the Amazon Web Services (AWS) engine in the cloud powering the Cloud Desktop from Desktop Anywhere would take most of the CPU/RAM load and surf using AWS’s super fast backbone connection. The laptops CPU/RAM/Internet connection was mostly used for his local connection, keystrokes and display.

A slow worthless PC becomes fast and usable again. Great stuff. And, using the Local Client seemed to make it even faster that the Web Browser access. Welcome back Thin Client and Dumb Terminal (Smart Terminal is more like it).

Got a favorite Story of how the Free Cloud Desktop made your day? Let us hear it and we will share or you can share it on Twitter @DesktopAnywhere



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