Free Cloud

We recently released our Free Cloud Desktop to the General Public. All you really need to get your own is a few minutes and to click on the link below.

We had a lot of signups and a lot of people are happily using the Free Cloud Desktop. We did get some great feedback and some of the community recommended that our documentation be simplified with videos.

We listened. The link below will direct you to a simple page to direct you to all you need to signup or get setup.

Complete Your Signup or Setup Now!

Free Cloud services can be a great thing and the Free Cloud Desktop is a terrific add on to your Cloud Toolbox. This is a very cool solution based primarily on Open Source Software and Tools. It is powered by Amazon Web Services and includes Drop Box, an Office Suite, Acrobat Reader, GIMP, Freemind and lot more great software. This fully web enabled Free Virtual Desktop solution is a great addition to your existing technology suite.

Welcome to the Free Cloud!

If you have any questions or need support? Click here to Contact Us.


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