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A Brand New and Very Much Improved Free Cloud Desktop is NOW AVAILABLE!

Desktop Anywhere® Free Linux Cloud Desktop version 3.13

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 It’s like having a Browser, Cloud Storage and Software Applications on Steroids for FREE! 

cloud desktop

Cloud Desktop

Very simply, your free Cloud Desktop, including better hardware (virtual) and more software in less time than it would take call to begin to order a new PC, much less drive there. Sign up takes a minute and setup takes as little as five.

If that wasn’t enough, the 3.13 version of the Free Cloud Desktop includes:

  • So easy ayone can do it
  • Sudo Access / Admin Rights
  • Install a lot of Free Software from the Command Line, Mate Welcome, Ubuntu Software Center, etc.
  • Access your Free Cloud Desktop from just about any Windows, Apple, Android, Linux/Unix device
  • Securely log on to your desktop using a variety of methods
  • Includes your own personal Sub Domain ( to make access a breeze
  • No machine hardware required



Your Free Cloud Desktop is Here Now

The latest Desktop Anywhere Free Cloud Desktop is brand new and just released. So many satisfied users over the years and we hear this is, by far, the best yet. We have updated the Desktop Anywhere Free Cloud Desktop delivery model and expect response to be great so you better be fast! The 2.12  version based on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 is due to be retired from Long Term Support about spring of 2017 and we wanted to provide more options, better functionality and an even better user experience before that happens.

Everywhere you want it, Anytime you need it!

And now, “Ten Times Better and Twice as Easy!”

The Cloud Desktop is a new concept and is a true model for the “Virtual Appliance”.  Our Linux Cloud Desktop is provided free of charge and has complete instructions for setup and use, including videos (new versions coming soon), step by step with screenshots and pictures.

The best solutions actually solve your problems. The Free Cloud Desktop from Desktop Anywhere gives you a new way to  stay connected using the Internet in a common way using all your devices. It is based on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) and AWS, along with LibreOffice installed with admin rights (sudo access).

Check out your new Cloud Desktop now in the video below. OK. this is the old version, but the new video will be coming soon and this gives you the idea (the new one is even better)!














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Your Free Cloud Desktop is Here Now

So, whether you are looking for a great Cloud Desktop, Webtop, Virtual Desktop or just The Cloud in general, Desktop Anywhere is where you should be. And you can get it Free!

(Also, check out our Community Development Free Cloud Desktop Project for those who want even more flexibility, function or to help improve the Free Cloud Desktop offering).

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cloud desktop

Cloud Desktop