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 It’s like having a Browser, Cloud Storage and a Software Store on Steroids  

Here are just some of the benefits our users enjoy from having their personal Desktop Anywhere Free Cloud Desktop:

  • It is very cool technology and a bit of the future today
  • Not just access to your documents from any machine but with your software
  • Install Free Software from the Ubuntu Software Center, MATE or the command line
  • Easy Cloud Desktop access from Microsoft Windows, Apple and Android devices and systems
  • The Free Cloud Desktop is Everywhere You Want It, Anytime You Need it
  • Literally, most computers in the World are now Yours to use, Your way
  • You can surf securely on say a work PC in private with configurable security settings from via your desktop configuration
  • Internet Speed is often faster as the Free Cloud Desktop Connects to Amazon’s Amazing AWS Network
  • It’s is additive technology that compliments your other hardware, simply another great tool in your tool box
  • It fills the gap between your home computer, laptop, tablet or phone. A bigger gap than you think!
  • No matter what machine you are working on, your stuff is organized the way you want it.
  • You get familiar with Cloud Computing and how The Cloud can help YOU!
  • The benefits will grow as the Desktop Anywhere Community shares ideas and uses

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