Desktop Access

There are a number of ways to Access your Free Cloud Desktop. You may find that only one is right for you. However, different machines and different operating systems might allow one access method but not the other. Remember, you will be able to use most any device connected to the Internet to access your Free Cloud Desktop. Why pay for more hardware and when most of the world’s machines already provide you access to your personalized Desktop in the Cloud for free?

There are many different ways you can easily access your Free Cloud Desktop. One or more of the below client programs should allow you to use most computers, smartphones, and tablets connected to the Internet to access a common OS Style Desktop and make it your own.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

KRDC (for Linux) (or, for example, you can download using the Ubuntu Software Center)

Remote RDP Lite (No Ad)

Pocket Cloud

Web Enabled (Java NX) (2.12 and older versions only)

NX Local Client (2.12 and older versions only)

I have heard that the extension Chrome Remote Desktop (Google) works for the desktop now. I haven’t tried it but it sounds promising.

The Free Cloud Desktop approach allows using your same desktop on most any Windows, Apple, Linux and Android Device. The same Desktop across all devices.

You may find that having so much flexibility with different clients to access your Free Cloud Desktop that using a Subdomain is very handy.