NX Local Client

You can use both a Local Client to access all versions of the Free Cloud Desktop. To install the local client, just download the right package at the links below and follow the installation instructions from there.

The free cloud desktop works with older 3.5 client. NoMachine has put their old downloads behind their customer firewall.
You should be able to find the old NoMachine client with a simple search like: “nomachine 3.5 download”

Here is a video on the various No Machine (NX) access methods including the Local Client.

Note: RDP Access from Windows and Pocket Cloud (and other RDP clients) can also be used.

Setting up the Local Client

Download the 3.5.o Client Software from the NX Client Products Section for your Operating System here:


Once downloaded, begin installation following the Wizard.

  • Enter a meaningful session name such as Free Cloud Desktop (adding the version you are running if more than one)
  • Enter the Public DNS Value from the lower pane of the My Instances screen of the AWS Console with the instance selected (such as ec2-999-999-999-999.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com but with the 999 values replaced with your specific values)
  • Click Next


This next screen should display:

  • Change the value next to Unix from KDE to GNOME
  • You can also change the Available Area to a fixed screen size or Full Screen
  • Again, click Next
The final configuration screen will appear:

  • Create a desktop shortcut or not as you wish
Now, launch the Application:
  • Use the User ID and Password you were given or that you changed to
  • Click Login
A request for Connecting will appear:
  • Click Yes
A variety of messages such as “setting up environment, connecting, etc. will display on a screen that looks like this:
  • Simply let it continue until the Desktop Displays similar to the one shown below
Once installed you can change the configuration of the client by clicking the Configure Button from the login screen above.

If you have issues, check the FAQ Page.