Troubleshoot Setup

Sorry if you are having trouble. The below should help.

Also, see the FAQ for more information

The Free Cloud Desktop has gotten a lot easier to setup over the years. Frankly, if it doesn’t work the first time, it often works best just to terminate that instance and launch a new one. It is not unheard of to make a mistake in setting up a new Free Cloud Desktop or there might be an intermittent glitch. Unless you can quickly resolve an issue with a newly launched instance, you can terminate that one and launch a new one in less time than reading this page. Even it that doesn’t solve the issue, it will likely shed some light as to where to look to resolve the issue.

That said, once you have successfully accessed your new Cloud Desktop once, logging in to your Desktop will be simply a matter of accessing the Free Cloud Desktop instance and entering your User ID and Password correctly.

Accessing the Free Cloud Desktop for the first time

You have to complete the entire setup to log on. Here are the Setup Details.

When launching your Free Cloud Desktop for the first time it can take a few minutes to complete. Once the AWS Instance Status Checks Column shows “2/2 checks passed” you should be good to log in. It is best with this step just to be patient and get a coffee or check you email while the instance after you launch the instance and it is booting up the first time.

This setup process should take just a couple of minutes and is only required the first time you access your desktop. From then on, logging in just takes a second or two.

Now, as described in the setup details, the very first time you log into your desktop you will get an error. When this happens, just click the OK button and log in again. That should do it if the ID and Password are correct.


Troubleshooting a Previously Working Instance 

Again, check the FAQ for a better understanding  and possible resolutions to issues.

If you have logged into your instance before, but you are having problems, there are a number of questions to ask:

  • Have you logged in on this device/network before? That maybe your issue right there.
  • Is the instance up and running on AWS? (AWS Console).
  • Are you using the right IP address or computer name?
  • Are you connected to the Internet?
  • Have you Shutdown the Instance and Restarted it from the AWS Console?

It is best to try to setup/access your Free Cloud Desktop and run it for the first time on a machine you have Admin rights on and that you are familiar with. It is not required, but each machine, network, firewall, etc. are configured to allow/disallow certain things. Being able to view and change such things can be the difference in being able to smoothly access your Free Cloud Desktop. Once you know you have a working Cloud Desktop and understand how to log on, you will be much better at resolving any issues you might encounter.

The process of elimination is important if you are having troubles. Think of a lamp not turning on when you flip the light switch. It could mean a power issue, bad cord, bad switch, bad bulb, etc. There are a lot more components to think of here including your fingers and brain, the internet, the local machine, the Cloud, the connection, the web services, etc.

To fix a login problem you have to find the actual problem by process of elimination. For example, you could try a different machine. You can re-build the AWS instance all you want but until you allow for port 3389, configure the RDP client right or maybe reboot your computer, it won’t fix the issue.

Fortunately, most people don’t have much trouble. And, when they do, help is right here.

Sometimes, as is all too typical with computers when having troubles, simply starting over and trying again will fix the issue. Most times, it just works and if it doesn’t, you may have just typed something wrong, forgotten a step or need to shutdown and restart the instance.

There are a number of components involved in setting up and running your desktop. It can seem confusing at first but once you get up and running and log on a couple of times, it really becomes very straightforward. Be patient and use our Contact Us page and tell us as specifically as you can what issue you are having and we will do our best to direct you.

Occasionally we have found that the access to the Cloud Desktop would not work at all was at strict Firewall configuration through the use of a “White List” policy and sometimes lack of authority over the machine/network. Some larger organizations, highly security conscious or perhaps sometimes looking for an easy fix, IT folks block everything unless the user complains. There have only been a few cases we have seen. The Desktop Anywhere Free Cloud Desktop uses RDP as its primary access method and typically it merely needs to be “allowed” to run by the user.

Most issues with access are resolvable by the user. Most devices don’t have issues and for those that do the steps above will resolve any issues you have had for the first access to your free cloud desktop.

The Free Cloud Desktop is a very stable technology and once configured, tends to just work. Configuration and confabulation are almost always the issue. Technology can be frustrating at times and we hope you haven’t had to read this far and had no trouble using the Desktop Anywhere Free Cloud Desktop. The technology gets better all the time and we will bring you those improvements as they become available.