Using Subdomains

Remembering an IP address for your Cloud Desktop can be a pain. You have the option to setup a Sub-Domain for your Free Cloud Desktop by inputting your ec2 format Public DNS Address into the Cloud Desktop Address field on your User Profile.

Simply input the address in the form:

Within 24 hours or so (usually much faster), your User Profile UserName will become a Sub Domain.


  • If your UserName on your profile is johndoe
  • A subdomain will be created as an alias to the full ec2 address.

Much easier to remember to access your Free Cloud Desktop.

Subdomain Login

Subdomain Login


Subdomain propagation takes time as it is up to many servers around the world. But, it is a pretty automated process most everywhere and done all the time.
We don’t initiate Subdomains unless they are alive when we check. It would never work as when the instance on AWS started again, it would be a different IP unless, of course, you use an AWS Elastic IP Address.
When running on the AWS Free Tier and just leaving the Free Cloud Desktop instance up (restarting every once in a while to keep the instance optimized makes using the sub domain a breeze.