Technical Realities

It is reasonable to expect that a Free Cloud Desktop is in your future. Perhaps that future is today for you. But the Free Cloud Desktop of the future, likely the near future will be much easier and better than what we offer here.

Here are a few facts to consider:

  • The Free Cloud Desktop is in Beta, a common Free Service model
  • 100% uptime is not guaranteed, but it is very close.
  • Admin Access is restricted to the System’s User
  • This is an Ubuntu Gnome Linux Desktop (aka not Microsoft Windows)
  • The Free part of the Free Cloud Desktop is limited to Amazon’s Free Tier Pricing. Learn More…
  • You should use DropBox (pre-installed) , Google Docs, or other Cloud Storage for data or at least have a backup
  • To get an Amazon Web Services Account requires a Credit Card

Our Free Cloud Desktop is Disruptive Innovation. And disruptive technology tends to be less than perfect (but what technology is perfect?). This Free Cloud Desktop is no exception to this rule.

That said, what we have been able to cobble together a really nice solution that is a great addition to most people’s technical toolbox by standing on the shoulders of giants, as it were. It is clear that this is a very cool to some of you.

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