Create Your Elastic IP Address

Creating an Elastic IP Address (EIP) for the Free Cloud Desktop can be helpful. You can only use one at a time and must keep it associated with a running instance to get it for free under the Free Tier, but it is great and the feature keeps getting better.  It is Amazon’s Services, not ours running your Cloud Desktop. While Elastic IP addresses are free when in use, if you forget to release them, then they charge you for that too.

You can also use the AWS Elastic IP with our offer of a free Sub Domain. Used properly, that makes things really easy.

If you ever use the “Stop” option, this can change the IP address depending on timing and setup you use. It can really make the Free Cloud Desktop experience hassle free and easy.

You can find and allocate and Elastic IP with your instance on the Instance Panel and Elastics IPs section of the Network & Security section of the Left Hand Navigation bar of your AWS EC2 Management Console.

Here is more information on the Elastic IP from Amazon.