More on AWS Pricing

More on AWS Pricing

You are Strongly Advised to Check your Account Activity on a daily basis (at least until you are comfortable that you know what it happening to your Credit Card).

You can check Account Activity Here:

You are also advised to set up an appropriate AWS billing alert before using any of their Free Tier Services to help monitor costs.

The Billing Management and Cost Management section of your AWS Profile will tell you what you have spent, but there is no function to actually limit your account to free, but there is a billing alert with email notification function. To be sure, you simply have to check your account activity every day or wait for your bill. We have also have tried a Prepaid Vanilla Visa and that worked, but we don’t expect that actually limits any charges and the prepaid card charges a fee and some kinds substantial ones. We recommend you just check daily to make sure you are running “Free” if that concerns you. Amazon Free Tier and related services can run up from trivial pennies to substantial charges and provide a rude surprise at the end of the month if you do the wrong thing or too much of the right thing.

Amazon is capable of doing better and they should, in our opinion. It would likely be good for their long-term business. There are numerous discussions going on around this topic but Amazon itself is the ultimate arbiter of what they do and the Free Tier is a wonderful entry as is and with a little diligence, pretty easy to manage.

AWS is simply the best method we could find to provide you with your own Free Cloud Desktop. The Free part is definitely trickier than we would like.  What Amazon Web Services is doing is incredible and if you use it properly, it is outstanding.

As long as you stay within the Free Tier Limits and Qualify for the Free Tier, you can run the Desktop Anywhere Free Cloud Desktop Free of charge for the time allowed. But you must be very careful to set up correctly and monitor your account to ensure that your Free Cloud Desktop is not generating any changes. Charges can run from a few pennies per day for an unused Elastic IP Address to a substantial charge for doing the wrong thing or too much of the right thing. If this makes you uncomfortable, it should. Amazon AWS is powerful, but it is complex and built to make money from people just like you. Don’t sign up if you don’t understand it or don’t like it.