Terminate Your Instance

One of the great things about having a Free Cloud Desktop is that you can refresh, replace or stop using it at any time. The Free Cloud Desktop is really meant to be disposable. You can launch a new one in minutes and then terminate it if there is any issue, replace it with a new version or you just don’t want to use it anymore.

Terminating is easy and happens almost immediately. Within a short time, the Terminated Instance will no longer appear in the AWS Console. Keep in mind though that each instance started is considered an hour of run time.

Remember, once you terminate an instance it is gone and there is no way to access anything from it. Make sure you have a viable alternative and copies elsewhere of data, configuration or anything you will need from and instance before you terminate it.

To terminate an Instance, simply:

Select the Instance on the Instances Page:

  • Select the Instance your wish to Terminate (CAREFUL AS THIS WILL OBLITERATE YOUR FREE CLOUD DESKTOP or INSTANCE)
  • Select Instance State/Terminate and your instance will be terminated and no longer accessible

We do suggest considering enabling the Terminate Protection under the Instance Settings Menu to prevent accidental termination. It is not the default but can keep you from blowing away your instance when you intended to do something else.

Here is more information on Terminating and AWS Instance.