What Is A Cloud Desktop?

We are doing our best to bring you a Free Cloud Desktop of your very own. But, what is a Cloud Desktop?

We think a Cloud Desktop is  a great way to introduce yourself and/or your business to Cloud Computing. We know that some of you out there already see the benefits of adding a cloud desktop to your arsenal of technology and some of you will find uses for it that the rest of us have never thought of. But the most common question we are asked is “Why would I want a Cloud Desktop”?

A Cloud Desktop is simply a “web based desktop” that you can access from any suitable device connected to the Internet.  Imagine that your home computer was moved to a data center somewhere on the web “in the cloud” so now, you access your Cloud Desktop from all the computers that you use. The Cloud Desktop appear in a “window” on whatever desktop you are accessing it from. So, rather than being in your office or your home where you have to go to the computer or carry it with you to get to your data, software and files, you would know have that Desktop Anywhere. It is why we picked that name over a decade ago.

So, a Cloud Desktop is kind of a Desktop within a Desktop as a Window. Here is what it looks like:



In the above image you can see the Desktop Anywhere® Cloud Desktop opened on the desktop of a different computer.   The Cloud Desktop is within a Browser Window just like the Window behind it, the Browser Window Border is just hidden. To get back to the local desktop, you just minimize the Cloud Desktop window.