Dropbox is a Cloud Storage Service with a Free Tier. Dropbox allows users to set up a common Cloud Storage Folder that provides a great deal of capability including storing documents and files in the cloud that can be accessed by many of your devices. There are many different services that do much of what Dropbox does. As it is the most popular, it is featured on the Free Cloud Desktop. Use what works best for you.

With version 3.13, Dropbox setup is even easier than it used to be.

  1. Just open the Ubuntu Software Center
  2. Type Dropbox into the search bar
  3. Select Dropbox from the results, click the install button and follow the instructions
  4. When installed, click the Start Dropbox button in the new window that pops up
  5. This will download and configure Dropbox
  6. Once complete, this should display your login window to enter your Dropbox Credentials or you can Sign up for an account right in the same window

Here are some helpful links for Dropbox and how to use it with your Free Cloud Desktop:

Dropbox Features

Dropbox Help Center

You can also use Dropbox through a browser on the Free Cloud Desktop. There are lots of options worth considering for Dropbox and other similar services. Just make sure you back up any data you ever store directly on your Free Cloud Desktop.