Troubleshoot Usability

Once setup, your desktop should perform well and run as is. Periodically, it is a good idea to reboot your Cloud Desktop from your AWS Console to simply refresh the desktop. Occasionally, shutting the instance all the way down and restarting it from the AWS console works wonders at solving inexplicable issues.

If your Free Cloud Desktop has run before and you can’t connect, make sure:

  • Your AWS Console Public IP address for your instance match the value on your User Profile or local client configuration
  • Make sure your instance is running
  • If you have tried your password a number of times (say 5) wait 5 minutes and try again. The desktop is protected by a Five Strikes Policy so that after 5 tries, the desktop will not accept any more attempts to log on.
  • If you use an Elastic IP Address make sure it stays associated with the Free Cloud Desktop.
Error Message Help

Be sure to view the Desktop Basics section as well.

Also, check out the Free Cloud Desktop FAQ for more information.