What’s Good for the Cloud…

Many of us have always been a bit baffled that the embrace of “the network is the computer”, server based computing and other web services is taking so long to gain acceptance. Especially given the size of the technology shift it will soon be.

The way the “Cloud” change is coming about is even more telling. Name the technology approach something fluffy and friendly “say, The Cloud” and market embrace is all of a sudden the start of the stampede. Go figure.

To that end, Desktop Anywhere has figured out how to deliver a Cost Free Cloud Desktop for an individual and are deciding whether and how to release it in some form to help promote adoption of Cloud Desktops. While it is not completely issue free at a zero cost point, it is quite like the server based desktops we have been using so happily for years.

In my experience the best way to appreciate a Cloud Desktop is to have one. So, we may soon release such a thing.

Enter Steve Jobs and the iCloud and it could really get to be like a trusted old friend. As David Linthicum at InfoWorld astutely notes, this is just the kind of misunderstanding that could cause the grand market embrace device independent technology.

To borrow a phrase, “what is good for the Cloud is good for us”. Even though the iCloud isn’t really the cloud at all.

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