Linux Cloud Desktop

Linux is a favorite Desktop of techies worldwide. Many are afraid of Linux and non-Apple/Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems for a variety of good reasons. However, those reasons are no longer what they were.

First of all, most Linux Desktops can be installed for Free and often on existing hardware as a dual boot or an unused old machine. They tend to be very efficient. And, as you are using this website, you are seeing Linux in a server version along with most websites now. No reason to be afraid or even hesitant anymore.

In fact, you don’t even need hardware or a dime to find out how fun and easy¬†Linux can be. Click here to get your own free Linux Cloud Desktop in minutes.

There are many other options too. You can create a local install of your favorite brand of Linux and use a variety of methods to access it. See the above link for more information on Linux Cloud Desktops!

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