Managing Mobile Workers

Desktop Anywhere Cloud Solutions are changing with the Digital Times. Management is clinging to a past work practices in addition to traditional technologies. That just won’t work well anymore.  Here is an article from IDG Enterprise that describes the opportunities and challenges very well.

Being able to watch over someone at their workstation everyday is poor management methodology for today’s world. Frankly, it never worked optimally. Metrics and Employee Engagement are better.  Remote Workers are an ideal place to start.

I am sure there were business leaders around when the phone first came into prominence claiming that business has to be done face to face, not over the phone. Similarly that same time of stuck in the past thinking is evident  today. This is a great opportunity for those that can adapt to the new workforce requirements to take not only market share, but the best of the work force from the slow and unaware companies and managers.

To manage today’s workforce you must establish work force guidelines and metrics and the just move forward and learn as you go. It is a new science of management.

Remove workers are even much Greener in that there are less cars on the roach, less pollution, lest energy demand, less costs, less infrastructure and a better work-life balance too. Not to mention better results!

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