Microsoft to the Cloud latest Misstep of All Time?

We would love to show you how to your Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 7 licenses to build and maintain a Free Cloud Desktop. It is really easy to do, but it doesn’t seem that they want to let you. You paid for the license, right? The question is, can you use it in the cloud without a Windows Server license/

Most of us have old hardware and old CD and DVD legitimate copies of Microsoft Desktop Products we bought (leased in their nomenclature) and could use on other hardware. Trouble is, they don’t seem to allow one to use those Windows Desktop Licenses in the Cloud in a number of ways.

Else, we would show you how and make it easy. Since Microsoft screwed that up for you, we CAN give you a Free Cloud Desktop. We think Microsoft would call it a Free Virtual Desktop, but, well, if ain’t a Free Desktop for their stuff even if you have already paid for the license.

Good news is Microsoft is wrong. You can get a Free Cloud Desktop built on  Linux, a better Operating System. And you can get it right here:

You don’t have to ditch Microsoft to use the above. But, you can try it for free and we do have a Full Admin Rights version as well here:

To read more about Microsoft’s other Missteps of all time, check this out:

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