The Cloud is Green

The benefits of Cloud Computing are becoming more well know. Lower Costs, Greater Productivity, Improved Access, Viable Security and much more. But, there are even more reasons to move to the cloud. Clouds are actually Green!

We think that Green nature of Clouds is just starting to get noticed. Frankly, once managers learn that managing workers by site and making people commute and travel is a model of business by just short of “touch”, the cloud will really go green. Much like I am sure there were businesses in the early 1900’s that insisted on that “personal touch” to set their revenue perimeter, most businesses have not taken near full advantage of the commercial benefits of the cloud and remote computing. They will, or their competitors will.

Good thing that Cloud Computing is Green by its nature. Here is an article with four good reasons why:

Four Green Reasons to Move IT to the Cloud

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