Problems on the Internet?

Cloud computing is Disruptive Technology. Usually Disruptive Technology, like say the Sony Walkman, the precursor to the iPod sensation for those too young to remember, goes where the traditional technology is not competing. The Walkman was portable entertainment for cheap. The Walkman was not near as good as your average home stereo or maybe car radio. But you could take it anywhere. The Walkman set a fire and led the way for an explosion in technology that is still burning today.

Enter the Internet, aka “The Cloud”. And now, welcome to the Cloud Network for Business. When Disruptive Technology matures, it goes head to head with the traditional and in this case, it just flat out wins. The Cloud is quickly maturing.

Problems on the Internet? Problems in the Cloud? Sure.

But who are we kidding. Traditional IT sucks and it is so expensive.

I think this is Brad Peters’, Contributor, main point. Efficiency wins in the long term. As he says, and I strongly agree, the Cloud Backlash is in full swing. His article regarding Frank J. Ohlhorst’s recent case for the anti-cloud camp really lays the foundation for the case for the cloud itself mostly by the stuff left out.

So, are there problems on the Internet? Many. Are there Problems with Cloud Computing? Absolutely.

Is traditional IT inaccessible, unsecured, fraught with problems, supported by people with a conflict of interest with their jobs being gone and budgets being slashed? You betcha.

And the Cloud, like the Walkman, is not only cheaper, your workspace becomes your Desktop Anywhere. And that is a big deal.

Here is the article:

The Cloud Diagnosed By IT. And It Isn’t Pretty


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