The Battle for your Desktop

Market wars are often good news. The Cloud, as with most disruptive technologies, changes start happening in the fringe and creep into the center of things like weeds moving to take over your lawn.

In the case of Cloud Sourcing this is a great thing. The x86 style homogenized computing cloud services are cheaper, faster, better and with the right vendor or service can often deliver savings of a factor of 10 to certain projects. In some cases, even more. Sound too good to be true? Take a look at our Free Cloud Desktop and explain how a little upstart like Desktop Anywhere could do that without such an architecture.

The big technology vendors have always played their space like a battleground. A lot of the problems people have with their technology working is because the vendors are waging war on their desktops. They want to be incompatible. This is the way the market sorts things out.

It is a rough game like that of evolution. The word “fittest” is even too clean a term to the way technology “survival” is sorted out.

The Internet fundamentally changed the nature of this particular war a long time ago. Everyone has access to this same weapon of mass destruction to an market, often from a garage. Unlike a physical war, this one is waged at the whim of the end user. If the user likes what your new upstart competitor has better, then the user joins that new alliance. And if the user likes it so much he tells his friends and allies, then he is viral marketing for the new upstart. And market behemoths are often wounded or vanquished by a new idea, a new way to deliver technology or just by doing something that was a conflict of interest for those making the technology decisions. Often the hot air is just let out of their gigantic and inefficient profit model or in house budgets.

And this Cloud thing is not just one market. It relentlessly creeps like a magnificent weed into market after market until it has taken over. And unlike your lawn, this is very good news for the market at large. Capitalism at its best.

Read about the latest battle from Information Week:

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