Thin Client Hardware

There is an article on Thin Client Hardware Vendors from Jeff Vance on Datamation. I can’t argue with his list, although I wish I could.

Thin Client Devices are made for the cloud. Why do I like them? Because they are like most small appliances in the way that they are maintained. You don’t maintain them. When you have a problem, you reboot, then check the power and network connection and if that doesn’t work, just get the spare. You plug it in and it works again. You send the other back to be warrantied or you recycle it . Not quite the same for a PC.

The only thing I don’t like about this list as there is no $99 device I can find yet. While thin client devices are much cheaper than PCs and require much less manpower and resources to maintain, they may soon be much cheaper.

If USA Manufacturing wants an opportunity, here it is. Figure out the $99 cloud device with a decent screen and you will leave China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea and the rest behind for at least a while.

Until the $99 device is there (and if it is, please let me know), Jeff’s list is a pretty good one. Top Five Thin Client Hardware Vendors


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