Trends in IT 2011

This is a great article from Gartner. They call it Trends in IT 2012, but let’s face it, the Cloud Computing Revolution is full on already. The Cloud Computing items listed on this 2012 list could have been Trends in IT 2010 as far as we’re concerned!

The good news for business owners is when you have a list of 10 things, you should consider focusing on the top three that resonate with you. So, this list of 10 IT trends might give smart business owners the three things they should focus on next year.

No surprise but Virtual Computing and the Cloud are all over this Top IT Trends for 2012 article. And Desktop Anywhere has been all over this since 2001. Welcome aboard.

While Cloud Desktop Computing it not listed specifically, Gartner gets that too. For even small business, costs savings are there in a big way. Here is the complete article.

Gartner: 10 key IT trends for 2012

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