Virtual Desktops (Cloud Desktops) Are Here To Stay

With all the Cloud talk out there these last couple of years, there has been a lot of talk about Virtual Desktops too. And clearly, a lot of what is going on in the market is about vendors making money, not clients saving it.

Arthur Cole’s recent article, referenced at the end of this post, brings a lot of old questions up as well as the question of will their be a desktop. Well, in our opinion, you need something to organize your data and access. Perhaps we are back to the term portal, but is there a difference between a portal and virtual desktop? You shouldn’t care.

Even though one should be able to save some money with Virtual Desktops or Cloud Desktops as they are often known now, saving money is just one aspect. And just about everyone supporting the chain of existing desktop infrastructure has a clear conflict of interest with cutting anything.

Beyond the difficult costs challenges of implementation, support and security, there is the aspect of why you spent the money in the first place. Productivity.

And orienting the cloud desktop, virtual desktop, portal or whatever we call it, to the user means the user will have better access. Of course, that all amounts to doing that right too.

Here is the article from Cole:

Too Little, Too Late for Desktop Virtualization?


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